KRISTIN AMDAM is a scandinavian jewelry brand, founded by Kristin Gottlieb Amdam. All our jewelry is handcrafted with passion in our jewelry studio, outside Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. Every piece is made on the traditional way, but designed with a unique style. Our designs is varying in style from the classical or traditional to the minimalistic and pure or modern style.

Using traditional craftsmanship techniques each piece is carefully crafted, and two pieces is never alike.

Welcome to the KRISTIN AMDAM universe.

Why is handmade better?

"It's unique, it's personal - it's all about you. All our jewelry is 100% handmade for best quality. Every piece is made on the traditional way, which results in a unique collection of jewelry in precious metals. Every jewelry piece tells it own story."

- Kristin G. Amdam

Meet the designer

Kristin G. Amdam

Kristin G. Amdam is born in Vestnes, Norway. As a 20 year old Kristin decided to follow her great passion and was enrolled at the goldsmith school in Frederikstad, Norway. Three years later Kristin graduated as goldsmith and moved to Florence, Italy to pursuing her passion and studied jewelry design and stone setting at the the prestigious jewelry school Le Arti Orafe, which was the first school dedicated to the study of goldsmiths and which is recognized as one of the most prestigious schools in Europe. After graduation one year later Kristin re-located to Reykjavik, Iceland, working for different goldsmiths. A year later Kristin finally settled in Copenhagen, Denmark. Now Kristin lives just outside Copenhagen, where she designs and make new jewelry collections. 

Kristin Amdam


All our jewelry are handcrafted as per your order. No over-production, no waste. Our jewelry is etical made, because they are 100% handmade in our Copenhagen based jewelry studio. We utilize our materials as best as we can.  We design with our costumer in mind, in the making the right design and using luxurious materials. We want you to be able to wear your jewelry time and time again, and for you to keep the designs you love.

Behind the style

We stand out because our design cannot be classified into one single style. We always aspire to be unique and personal in our design, varying in style from the classical or traditional to the minimalistic and pure or modern style. But always to satisfy your personal adornment and desire. 

Kristin Amdam Studio

Precious metals and stones

Quality is never compromised. Every ornament is uniquely handmade with passion and care. All our jewelry is made of precious metals and semi precious and precious stones.  

Need help?

Feel free to contact us by e-mail: info@kristinamdam.com

Or for quick customer service please give us a call on: +45 40766847

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